Crypto Payments

ICO Token Offering

Token Summary

Symbol: SHIRE
Type: ICO
Name: The Shirecoin Project
Project: Contactless Crypto Payments for the Masses
Softcap: $5 million
Hardcap: $5 million
Offer: 500,000 Tokens (5%)
Discount: 0-12.5%
Total Supply: 10,000,000 Tokens
Price: $10
Min Buy-In: €5,000
Launch Date: Summer 2021

Crypto Exchange

Don't Miss Out Again!

ShirePay (the regulated exchange) are only taking applications PRIOR to launch.

Everyone has been gladly overwhelmed with the response.

We are expecting tens of thousands of applicants and ShirePay can only process so many each day.

They will process each application in order in which you subscribed to their list (and not by the amount of money or assets promised). No one will jump the queue.

ShirePay will continue to process account applications BEFORE launch.

Don't delay on signing up to the ShirePay pre-approval list straight away. You subscribing today guarantees your place in the queue!

ShirePay - Pre-Approval List

Also, if you want to receive news worthy updates on this project, please subscribe using the form to your left <-

70% of all funds raised
will provide liquidity in
Uniswap Liquidity Pool

Expense $ %
Uniswap SHIRE/USDT Liquidity Pool 3,500,000 70
Exchange Commission 250,000 5
Wholesale Discount Average 250,000 5
Misc 250,000 5
Admin, Office, Fixed Cost, Salaries, PAYE, Pensions, NI Contributions 175,000 3.5
Blockchain, Software & App Development 175,000 3.5
Cloud Infrastructure 125,000 2.5
Legal, Accountacy & Licences 100,000 2
Marketing & Promotion 100,000 2
Bounty 75,000 1.5

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