The ShireCoin Project

Contactless Crypto Payments for the Masses


App – The ShireCoin iOS & Android app to exchange SHIRE
User – Person who uses the app on their smartphone
Token Purchaser – The person who buys SHIRE for cash or cryptocurrency
Merchant – The app user who accepts SHIRE for goods or services in their shop or store
ICO – Initial Coin Offering. Purchasing of the SHIRE token before being readily available to the masses
Liquidity Provider – A person providing liquidity within an asset pool relating to any swappable / exchangeable pair i.e. ETH/USDT or SHIRE/USDT
Client – Approved ShirePay user
ShirePay – The chosen exchange to host the ICO
The ShireCoin Project will provide a robust, secure app for contactless payments. Similar to ApplePay™ but with the SHIRE app.
The number one objective is providing a protocol to swap SHIRE, an underlying ERC20 Token, between 2 users. Similar to the Bitcoin lightning network but without the complexity and fees.
The initial problem is that a cryptocurrency holder (wallet) cannot easily pay for any goods or services over the counter with Crypto because of the high gas and network fees associated with the transaction.
Therefore, a centralised trusted body must facilitate this protocol with the users' best interests in mind.
ShireCoin will provide a secure Android & iOS app to allow crypto swaps both seamlessly and effortlessly with immediate on-the-spot approval. Balances will be adjusted immediately, in real time, similar to making a credit or debit card transaction. Your smart phone now acts as your payment card!
ShireCoin is actively looking for participants in the upcoming ICO to help fund the project estimated to launch in the summer of 2021. ShireCoin hardcap is currently at $5,000,000.
ShireCoin will use ShirePay, an EU regulated cryptocurrency exchange (pending) for all ICO transactions.
The token purchaser has many reasons for participating in the ICO including:
 An approved token purchaser will have a discounted rate
 An approved token purchaser can liquidate their SHIRE at any time using Uniswap or ShirePay
 An approved token purchaser can immediately join the ShirePay Liquidity Pool and use SHIRE to pair with EUR/USD/GBP to make an estimated 48% per year in liquidity fees / commission
 70% of all income raised through the ICO will be used to fund the Uniswap/ShirePay Liquidity pool providing INSTANT liquidity and access to your underlaying monitory value
 The ICO is regulated by ShirePay, an EU regulated exchange (pending), providing you with stability and security of the European court and underlying laws
 No money or crypto assets will exchange hands before ShirePay is fully regulated and licensed but you can pre-register with ShirePay prior to launch to avoid missing out
 Once the app and token are in full circulation, many users and merchants will liquidate their assets using a swap pool. This will generate swap fees that will benefit the liquidity providers repeatably
 Only 500,000 tokens will be issued for the initial ICO. No more will be sold for at least another 2 years after the first ICO. Scarcity should push the token value up and increase your overall portfolio balance
Registration is required with ShirePay to participate in the ICO. Your passport, government issued ID and selfie is mandatory. Pre-registration is allowed with the goal of completing the ICO within minutes of launch. No fiat or crypto will be exchanged before the ShirePay crypto regulation has been officially approved.
The public can exchange fiat or crypto for SHIRE immediately after the launch of the ICO using Uniswap without having to register with ShirePay.
ShirePay will provide a regulated clone of the Uniswap concept for all registered clients. Swap fees will mirror Uniswap’s 0.3% fee. These fees will be shared equally between Liquidity providers and ShirePay.
There will be no exchange fees whilst swapping SHIRE between users using the app.
The project is overseen by Darren Conroy, a software architect and developer with over 30 years' experience in software and project development.
A bounty program will be introduced when the app becomes available for testing. Tokens may be issued to fund this program with the users' best interests in mind. This bounty program will reduce bugs and improve user experience minimising and eliminating any potential online hack or threat.
10,000,000 ERC20 tokens will be issued over the lifetime of the project.